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This is the last first conversation we will ever have. Kind of a big deal right? We promise to make it count!

How should we introduce ourselves? A handshake? High-five? Fist bump? Or are you a hugger? What can we say? We could take a few minutes to tell you about our little spot in the middle of the great big world… We could open a window and let you smell the sweet aroma of coffee and creativity. We could… but there are more important things to talk about. “LIKE WHAT?” Life. Love. Dreams. Joy. Happiness (aren’t those the same thing?). Shoes. Food. Wine. Food. Wine. Bourbon (Who let Michael type this!). 

It is easy to say “We are not your typical photography studio.” It is our goal to prove it. We need you to know who we are, because if you don’t know what makes us tick, then how do we know if this is a match made in heaven? Our polished team of professionals will quickly become your new best friends, helping guide you through some of the most exciting times of your life.

So let’s skip the handshakes and go straight for the hugs. We’ve got a good feeling about this.

The Carrs Team