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I’m an entrepreneur to the core, husband to the most beautiful woman, father of two boys who will I’m sure will discover world peace, and fortunate to be surrounded by people who constantly pour into my life and keep me grounded. It’s hard to believe I photographed my first wedding over 14 years ago. I was a kid! In all that time, my wife, Grace, and closest friends have helped me stay focused on the most important things in life: my faith, my family, and my work.

 As an artist, I seek to hone my skills, push the limits, and create images that tell a story in a way that honors the memory.

Work hard. Be honest. Be Genuine. Stay Humble. Meet people where they’re at and connect with them on a deeper level. These core values keep my inspiration tank full. They’ve opened doors and built lifelong friendships with people who started out as merely a “client.” Although I’ve shot over 300 weddings all over the world, it feels like I’m just getting started.

Tidbits about Michael:

• I wish it was socially acceptable to eat cereal three meals a day

• I can eat more candy than you

• I will always choose donuts over… you name it

• Not all of my favorite things are food. But most of them are.

• I have more shoes than Grace, and I wear them all (more or less)

• Definitely have an addiction to coats, sweaters and watches.

• I pretend I’m in the Italian Job everyday when driving to work in my Mini Cooper.

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"Michael is amazing, talented and SO fun to be around. He is the real deal."