I’m particular when it comes to quality. I love good coffee. A single origin pour over from Kenya or Ethiopia is my favorite. I’m a fan of hoppy IPAs and bourbon. There’s a good chance my shoes match my bag, and my belt. I’m a sucker for amazing leather goods.


Josh Ohms Headshot Dayton Ohio Wedding Photographer

While I’m an urbanite through and through, nothing calls to me like the mountains. An Ohio native, I lived in Chicago for nine years.

With formal training in film photography, my professional adventure as a photographer has primarily been self-taught. After 14 years of photographing weddings, I am able to look back and see a road filled with creative growth, personal ups and downs, and, most importantly, a collection of images that I am immensely proud of. I approach weddings from an artistic angle, focusing on what others might ignore. It’s possible I have undiagnosed OCD, but that is a good thing in this profession.

My art improves because of my eye for detail. Each couple I photograph, and their unique love story, inspire me to create my best work.

Tidbits about Josh:

• Favorite International Trip: India (Rajasthan and Telangana)

• Grew up in northern OH, but lived in Chicago for 9 years (Oak Park, Lincoln Square & Lakeview)

• My style: grays, navy, and leather

• I’m a little bit of a coffee aficionado. I get beans shipped to me 2x a month for my morning pour over.

• I’m an urbanite, but the mountains have my heart.

•  Started art lessons at age 12.

• Math was my favorite subject in school

• Have a degree in Studio Art and Graphic Design

• I’m a fraternal twin

• I could listen to Bon Iver, Nova Amor, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Andrew Belle all day everyday

• I’ve been called a hipster, but I don’t even know what that means

• I want to be a cowboy when I grow up

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featured love stories

bride and groom kissing in the field by Dayton Ohio Wedding Photographer Josh Ohms

Zona & Jeremy

Dayton, Ohio

couple embracing on the couch by Cincinnati Ohio Engagement Photographer Josh Ohms

Hannah & Alex

Cincinnati, Ohio

couple kissing on country road by Waynesville Ohio Wedding Photographer Josh Ohms

Jay & Liz

Waynesville, Ohio

"Josh was professional, had us all laughing, and was super creative with the shots he took at our wedding!"