From the moment I was born, art has played an integral part of my life. My family is full of pianists, painters, poets, and everything in between, so I was surrounded by a wide variety of artists. I grew up playing music in band, studied piano in college, and I’ve been doing wedding and portrait photography for nearly 9 years (I also dabbled in poetry somewhere in there, but we won’t talk about that).

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If there’s one thing I’ve taken from the incredible communities I’ve had the pleasure to perform for and create with, it’s the simple beauty of stories. Every person’s life is a story and every time we interact with someone we get to hear a little bit of it, share a little piece of it, and we come out on the other side a little better for it.

To me photography is about listening to those stories. It’s about understanding the things that make a person unique, then bringing those things together to take a picture that shows the spirit of that person.

I try to carry that with me every time I pick up my camera. Whether it’s a high-profile wedding or a lazy afternoon with friends, I want the things I make to be meaningful. Not so that I can have an enduring legacy or become a big name, but to create something that can be carried with a person throughout their lives and remind them of the best moments they’ve had along the way.

Tidbits about ALEX:

• I could eat sushi every day for the rest of my life

• Once I sold some of my hair as Justin Beiber’s

• I got into a knife fight when I was 8

• Listen to way too many McElroy podcasts

• Home remodeling enthusiast

• Excessively familiar with the Tolkien back catalog

• I pretend I’m a suburban mom every day when driving to work in my CRV

• Charcuterie master

• You can always get me down to play board games

• Subs not Dubs

• I’ve read Wheel of Time more times than I can remember

• I’ve been playing piano and keyboard for 12 years

• I love to cook, especially learning dishes from other cultures

• I can’t play sports… Not even a little bit

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"We could not be happier... the day of, Alex made things so easy and stress free for us!"