Garfield Garden Conservatory Engagement Shoot | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Engagement sessions are like learning to ride a bike with the training wheels on. The goal is for you two to see how your photographer works and for your photographer to get a sense of what is “natural” for you! You may not love every image of yourself, and that is ok!  But we want there to be a handful of images that make you think… “Yea, that is us, you nailed it.” 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your engagement shoot, trust us, you’re not alone. We work with a lot of clients who are nervous about what to wear, where to go, and what to do with their hands. Our best advice, make it you!  Pick a location you love and an outfit you feel great in. Yup, we are giving your permission to shop. Don’t worry about your hands, we will give you plenty of direction. If you want over the top drama, we can make that happen. If you are breezy and natural, that is amazing too. It is all about showing off who you are as a couple. And if you’re really nervous, bring something bubbly and have a glass before you start…Yes, we are serious. Trust us! 

Cecilia and Logan are the perfect example. Their engagement shoot at Garfield Garden Conservatory was so dreamy. Indianapolis was showing off and provided a beautiful backdrop. They took a stroll, did a little dancing, and we snagged some amazing shots. Engagement session done with no stress!  

6 Tips for an Amazing Engagement Session

6 tips for an amazing engagement session - Dayton and Cincinnati Engagement Photographer

We love engagement sessions! They are a great way to celebrate with your new fiance and show off your unique style. We realize being in front of a camera can cause all sorts of nerves (we aren’t all supermodels at heart), so we will give you tons of direction and take care of making you look fantastic. 

So how do you prepare for your upcoming shoot? Here are our 6 tips for an amazing engagement session: 

  1. Wear cute shoes!
    We love to photograph cute shoes and they really pop on camera. Consider this your invitation to go shopping. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to look hot.
    Pick outfits that make you feel amazing. If you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy. Don’t force yourself into an outfit that is uncomfortable. Stick to things you would normally wear. The right outfit will give you confidence and help you relax. And yes, this goes for girls AND guys. 
  3. Lean into color.
    A fun, colorful outfit will make your picture pop. Don’t be afraid to let your style come through. These pictures are all about you! 
  4. Find your vibe.
    Some people want to walk into the sunset, while others want to dance in the rain. Pick the time of day and location that suits the vine you want. We are up for whatever!
  5. Makeup is important.
    Pay attention to your eyes. Eyeliner and a good mascara are an absolute must. Your eyes will be the most important element in many of your images and you want them to pop! 
  6. Bring a prop.
    A hat, a jacket, a baseball bat, a surfboard, your favorite bottle of wine, your dog…anything that tells the story of who you are. It’s not required, but it definitely gives your photos something unique. 

Oh and don’t forget to have fun! These pictures are meant to reflect the two of you during one of the best times of your life. Relax, enjoy, and trust us with the rest!

Tender & Romantic Maternity Shoot | Inniswoods Metropark | Maternity Photographer

husband wife and dog laying on bed - dayton ohio maternity photographer

One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to follow up with clients as a maternity photographer. We can’t get enough of Sarah and Ryan’s tender romantic maternity shoot at Inniswoods Metropark in Dayton, Ohio. Our team of photographers really is amazing. Not only do they take great pictures, but they […]

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