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Paris Engagement Session | Destination Photographer

A Paris engagement session is every wedding photographer’s dream and Abby and Dan were the perfect couple to photograph. I vividly remember how it all came together!  

Abby and Dan were walking out of the studio after a great meeting talking all about their plans and they saw Michael’s giant canvas from Colorado on the wall. Dan said, “Oh, do you guys travel?” I tried to keep it cool and nonchalantly say, “Yeah all the time.” It turned out, they were going to France at the end of the summer and wanted to do their engagement photos in Paris

“Have cameras, will travel” is our motto. Everything was booked and the excitement about a Paris engagement session was simply palpable. In all of our emails, planning, and conversations it was evident that we were all crazy excited.

We landed in Paris at 7 am and barely took a step out of our hotel when Michael started saying, “We could go there, then come here and then….” I was thinking, this poor couple doesn’t know what they signed up for! 

Soon we had plans to shoot sunrise in front of the Eiffel Tower, sunset in beautiful Montmart, and everything in between! After about 4 years without a camera in hand, Michael handed me his second camera and I started snapping some photos too and had a great time. Getting to know Dan and Abby, while sipping cocktails on Rue Rene Boulanger and marveling at the Parisian way of life was truly a pleasure. I love when couples enter our studio looking for amazing pictures and they leave great friends (and sometimes travel buddies!)

Enjoy this small tour across Paris with Dan and Abby front and center! Their Paris engagement session was a dream!