I’ve always been a selfie queen! The one to grab a shot of everyone at an event, but a few years ago I got the opportunity to be an assistant at a wedding and I was hooked! I love being able to capture and document people’s most important life moments! Photography has been a healing force in my life as I have journeyed through the ups and downs 

I’m so thankful to get the chance to see the beauty of people’s stories and the things that make their love unique. It has helped me to see the positive, joy-filled things all around me!  I am always striving to be fearless and bold as a photographer. To capture people’s most precious and life-filled moments!


Top 5 Things:

• Blasting Music, dancing and singing through the house

• Warm toes by the space heater

• Deep conversations and a good ugly cry

• My Puppy, Lavender

• Crunchy Snacks

Pairs of Shoes
Pairs of Mismatched Socks
Cross-Country Moves
Hours Braiding My Hair
Filled Journals

featured love stories

Brennan & Stephen

Dayton, Ohio

Asha & Will

Cincinnati, Ohio

"Natasha was fantastic! Prompt, clear, cooperative, always on it, and going above and beyond!"