Clients for Life | Alberto & Anne

Carrs Photography Client for Life Minnesota Family Photographer

Since the day we started Carrs Photography almost 15 years ago we have told our clients that we want to be their photographer for life! We love shooting engagements and weddings, but that is just the beginning. Your life will be full of adventures – new homes, new babies, new jobs, birthdays, graduations – and they all deserve to be documented with beauty, style, and rockstar photography!

Alberto and Anne are one of those clients who immediately captured our hearts. You know when you just have a connection with someone? When things feel easy, light, and comfortable? That is exactly how we feel working with Alberto and Anne! They live out of state so we didn’t meet face to face until their engagement shoot, but from our first FaceTime call we just knew that they were special people. 

For their engagement shoot, they graciously hosted Michael in Minneapolis providing a tour of the city, taking him to some of the best food spots in town, and serving up some amazing looks for their session. This is a couple that epitomizes grace and style. Their outfits were inspired by a recent trip to Europe and everything about this shoot gave us a romantic Parisian vibe. It was also one of the most acrobatic shoots we have done at Carrs Photography with Michael hanging off the edge of a bridge to snag this epic canoe shot. But the resulting image was 100% worth it. 

Not surprisingly, their wedding was just as perfect. This couple always looks good! And their first look might be one of our all-time favorites. You can’t fake the emotion on Alberto’s face when he saw Anne – pure happiness and joy. It doesn’t get any better. 

Fast forward a few years and many visits and meals together, we got the news that they were expecting. I know that we always say pregnancy makes you glow, but seriously, Anne was radiant.

When Avalyn arrived, we were immediately smitten. We know our little Posy and Avalyn will be great friends. And check out her amazing mop of hair! I think we have another natural in front of the camera. 

It has been such a gift to walk along Anne and Alberto in each of these life stages. It is a reminder of what we love about our job so much. Each time we pick up a camera we get to tell a piece of a story in someone’s life, the more pieces the better in our opinion. 

Did you work with us for a wedding? We have special Client for Life pricing for you as you move through new stages of life… don’t forget about us!