From the moment I was born, art has played an integral part of my life. My family is full of pianists, painters, poets, and everything in between, so I was surrounded by a wide variety of artists. I grew up playing music in band, studied piano in college, and I’ve been doing wedding and portrait photography for nearly 9 years (I also dabbled in poetry somewhere in there, but we won’t talk about that).

If there’s one thing I’ve taken from the incredible communities I’ve had the pleasure to perform for and create with, it’s the simple beauty of stories. Every person’s life is a story and every time we interact with someone we get to hear a little bit of it, share a little piece of it, and we come out on the other side a little better for it.

To me photography is about listening to those stories. It’s about understanding the things that make a person unique, then bringing those things together to take a picture that shows the spirit of that person.

I try to carry that with me every time I pick up my camera. Whether it’s a high-profile wedding or a lazy afternoon with friends, I want the things I make to be meaningful. Not so that I can have an enduring legacy or become a big name, but to create something that can be carried with a person throughout their lives and remind them of the best moments they’ve had along the way.