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How to Include Your Dog in Your Photos | The Dogs of C&Co

At C&Co we know that dogs are part of the family and we love when clients include them in their engagement sessions, wedding photos, or family portraits. Photoshoots are best when they represent who you are and even where you are at this time of your life, and your pet is a huge part of that. Plus, dogs add so much personality to your photos and by including them you will ensure you have some special shots to keep with you forever. So, why not include them in your next session? 

If you are ready to snap some photos with your dog (or dogs!) here are a couple of tips: 

  1. Pick a dog-friendly location for your shoot. A park, dog-friendly brewery, and in-home shoots are all great ideas. You know your dog best, so make sure it is a place they will feel comfortable. 
  2. Bring an extra set of hands. Especially if you want to snap a few photos without your pup, having someone there to hold their leash while that happens is a must. 
  3. Give them a good groom or bath before the shoot. That way they look their best for their camera debut! Got a cute outfit or fun accessory for them to wear? Even better! 
  4. Get the energy out beforehand. This is especially helpful for puppies or high-energy dogs. A tired dog will be easier to work with. 
  5. Be flexible. You can’t always predict how dogs will behave in new situations. Go with the flow, trust your photographer, and you will be sure to get some shots you love. 
  6. Don’t stress about them moving around, it’s ok. The photographer will keep snapping. 

Now bring on all the dogs!!