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Our Favorite Stylish Looks for Grooms

Don’t forget the groom! There is so much emphasis on the bride during the wedding planning, it feels like the groom’s look can be forgotten. We get it, there are not quite as many options for the groom, but trust us you can still have a killer getup! 

The most important thing for a groom is fit. Your tux or suit should fit you like a glove. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a custom suit made to have a good fit (but that is a great option). A good tailor can do wonders for off-the-rack pieces. Plus, places like ASOS offer really cool options for suits that are more tailored. A little trick, you can order lots of sizes and return for free. If you are looking to rent, Black Tux offers some options. Though we highly encourage grooms to buy! Investing in a good suit means you get to keep it and wear it over and over. A quality piece can last you a lifetime and will bring back all the sweet memories of your wedding day.

Our biggest tips when putting together your look? Pay attention to the details. Buy some unique shoes, a special pocket square, or look for a pop of color under the collar or cuffs. We love a great vintage tie pin or colored cufflinks. A hat can also be a fun piece to add for portraits. Use one of a kind, local shops to make your outfit dapper and unique. You are looking for pieces that elevate your style and make your look one to remember.

Above all, remember to have some fun as you put together your wedding day look. If you are local to Dayton, we highly recommend BRIM to complete your look. You can’t go wrong here and the staff are sure to help you find a look that will take your style to the next level!