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Salt Lake City Engagement Session | Destination Wedding Photographer

When your client says, “Do you travel?” Our hearts do a little flutter and we (maybe a little too eagerly) reply with an big, “YES!”  So when Nicki and Tyler wanted to do a Salt Lake City engagement session, we were thrilled. Bringing your photographer to your current location or planning a destination is a great way to plan a unique engagement session. 


We find that many clients think of their engagement sessions as kind of a throw away thing. It’s just a chance to get comfortable with your photographer and maybe grab some images for a save the date. But it can and should be so much more than that! You will only be engaged for a short season. And this is such a memorable time in your life. You are planning a wedding, looking forward to your life with your spouse, basically mapping out a big piece of your future. So document where you are in this moment, the spaces you live in, or make it about the adventure you have always wanted to take. You never know where life will take you but being able to look back at this short season will be a huge gift. 


Need some inspiration? Take a lesson from Nicki and Tyler! They scouted out some amazing locations in Salt Lake City and allowed Kera to capture who they are in some epic spaces. They started out at Big Cottonwood Canyon, hit up the Salt Lake City Public Library, popped into a favorite brewery, and ended up at the Great Salt Lake. If you are adventurous don’t just settle for the park down the street, we can help you push the envelope! Ready to go? y