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Rolling Meadows Wedding | Elegant Ranch Wedding | Cincinnati, Ohio

This simple and elegant Rolling Meadows Ranch wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio is one of our favorites. Full of rich emotions and intimate cuddles, Courtney and Justin’s wedding story is one of a kind. Rolling Hills Ranch was the perfect venue for Courtney’s natural aesthetic and the flowers in the trees were so much fun. Enjoy!

How did you two meet? One of my best friends from college is friends with Justin’s brother. On the phone talking one night she told me that she “totally knows my husband” and set it up. A few days later I got a text from Justin saying “Hey I hear Chelsea has a hot blonde friend, is this her hot blonde friend??” I instantly fell in love with his humor! 

What is your engagement story? Justin and I were in Florida for his sister’s wedding ceremony. The day after the wedding the entire family was down at the beach eating breakfast. Justin asked if I wanted to walk down the beach. As we were walking, Justin told me he forgot to show me a video that he had taken of Avery (my wonderful “step” son who I love more than anything in the entire world) last week. He handed me his phone, I hit play and I heard Avery say “will you marry my daddy?” Then Justin got down on one knee and I barely heard anything he said I just said yes!! 

What was your main inspiration for the aesthetic of your wedding? I’m a natural girl. I wear mostly cream, grey, and black. I love the classy look. I didn’t want over the top elegance but just simple, beautiful, and clean. The inspiration for the flowers in the tree came from my dork obsession with the Twilight movie wedding.