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Glamorous Mt. Adams Wedding | The Monastery Wedding | Cincinnati, Ohio

Monastery Weddings in Cincinnati, Ohio are always some of our favorites. Tucked in the Mt. Adams neighborhood, The Monastery was the perfect location for Katie and Terry’s glamorous wedding.

Katie and Terry’s wedding day had its fair share of challenges but these two actively choose joy. You would never guess looking at these photos that things were anything but perfect. 

We often encourage couples to remember that “no wedding day is going to be the definition of perfection, but embrace the moments and it will be YOUR definition of perfect.” Married in a downpour, forced to change photo locations and skip others, Katie and Terry rolled with the punches.

When asked “What made your day so special?” they actually said the rain! So again I say, choose joy, because that is one thing that can never be taken or tainted. Just keep your focus on what matters. 

When you choose joy you won’t  worry about nay-sayers, wedding crashers (yep that happened too), or a little bit of rain. Furthermore, if you surround yourself with family and friends like Katie and Terry’s, life will surely be filled with the happiest of days.

Despite all that went wrong these two got married and looked amazing doing it. We loved being a part of their glamorous Monastery wedding. We hope these two keep on having fun and never stop dancing in the rain!