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Elegant Orchard Wedding | Indiana Wedding Photographer

We love a good private residence wedding. Katie and Dan’s elegant orchard wedding took us to their family farm in the heart of Indiana. And their wedding truly felt like a family affair. Everything about the day was a celebration of Katie and Dan and all those they hold dear. You will see, both the bride and groom gave such heartfelt answers as they reflected back to their wedding.


How did the two of you meet?

We both started rock climbing in college, but we didn’t officially meet until Katie’s senior year. Dan worked at the rock gym on campus and Katie tried to climb several days a week that particular year. After working on a few routes together at the gym we both ended up going on the same outdoor climbing trip several weeks later. Neither of us would be described as super outgoing, but somewhere between the four hours of driving and six hours of climbing there wasn’t a pause in the conversation. After that trip we slowly began spending more and more time together and the rest is history…

What was the focus of your special day?

We wanted the whole weekend to focus on spending time with our family and friends that had traveled from all over to celebrate with us. These are the people that watched us grow up and have supported us both as individuals and as a couple throughout the years.

What was the inspiration for the aesthetic of your wedding day?

Our hope was to highlight the natural beauty of the venue. We both knew that we weren’t interested in having a ballroom style wedding and that we would feel most comfortable in a familiar location. Everything from the outfits to the decorations were selected with the intent of it looking cohesive, but not perfectly matching. We wanted it to feel comfortable yet elegant while celebrating one of life’s most important milestones.

What’s one of your favorite moments from your wedding?

Katie’s dad’s welcome toast! It was so perfectly him and we had both held it together relatively well all day until he started saying how if he, “Made a checklist of the qualities he wanted in someone his daughter would marry, Dan met every one.” That’s when we both lost it.

More importantly than anything, the love and support of our family and friends that helped the years, months, days and hours leading up to the big day. There really are no words to describe the feeling of the help and assistance we received. From friends bringing over meals the week of the wedding as we set up and prepared, to our families spending hours moving pews, tables and flower pots…those are the moments we will remember for years to come. I remember stepping back every so often the week of the wedding and trying to take in the little moments. One day our fathers had worked pretty hard to hang the chandelier and lighting in the tent. That night I snuck outside to plug it in and see how it all looked. Seconds after plugging in the lights, my dad walked into the tent and mentioned how he figured I would be out there. Then Dan came out and the three of us just stood there in silence for a few minutes. I think that’s when it all felt very real, but magical at the same time and we became even more excited for the upcoming weekend. Everyone came together to pull off the most perfect celebration.