I’m particular when it comes to quality. I love good coffee. A single origin pour over from Kenya or Ethiopia is my favorite. I’m a fan of hoppy IPAs and bourbon. There’s a good chance my shoes match my bag, and my belt, I’m a sucker for amazing leather goods.

While I’m an urbanite through and through, nothing calls to me like the mountains. An Ohio native, I lived in Chicago for nine years. This is the place that has shaped my professional and personal lifestyle. Even more im- portantly, it’s where I met and married my lifelong love.

Slightly different from me, my wife, Annie, was born in India, but raised in Chicago. After spending our first two years of married life in Chicago, we decided to transition from the windy city to become Daytonians. Faced with a bit of culture shock, the time spent back in Ohio has revived our spirits, and we are encouraged by the growth happening all around us.

With formal training in film photography, my professional adventure as photographer has primarily been self-taught. After 12 years of photographing weddings, I am able to look back and see a road filled with creative growth, personal ups and downs, and, most importantly, a collection of images that I am immensely proud of. I approach weddings from an artistic angle, focusing on what others might ignore. It’s possible I have undiagnosed OCD, but that is a good thing in this profession.

My art improves because of my eye for detail. Each couple I photograph, and their unique love story, inspire me to create my best work.